Thursday, December 18, 2008

West End

It's getting close! We're looking to have as much on the West End open as possible by this weekend. Ski Patrol is working hard each day right now to prep it. Keep in mind, when the West End opens, tickets will be at full price.

For those that like to keep track, we've had 35" since we opened. Let's hope it doesn't stop! I'm going to try and get out tomorrow morning and get some video done so we can post it on the web. That way you can see what the slopes are looking like for the weekend. If Ski Patrol will put up with me, maybe I can get a ride up the West End and gets some shots over there!

UPDATE: Junction Park is now open with the flat rail and a double kink rail.
UPDATE: 3:45PM 5 inches of new snow has fallen TODAY! There's still sporadic wind gusts and that's expected through the night. Listen to Magic 93.1 in the 7:00 hour tomorrow morning...I'll be giving away FIRST TRACKS for Saturday!! The winner will get to load the lift right behind ski patrol and enjoy the fluffy goodness about 15 minutes before we release the crowd! Disclaimer (aka don't be a sore loser)- this will not delay the time we normally load public. Watch for more chances to win throughout the season!


Caleb W. said...

Yay for the west end!!

Dan Allen said...

Does that mean you guy are going to start moving the moguls out of their storage?

Anonymous said...

WHat's the update on the left side of the mountain? I.E. Cannonball, Wonderbump, Powderkeg, etc? Will all that be open by the weekend?

Powderhorn Resort said...

Lower Wonderbump is open. All of Showdown is now open. The rest depends on how much more snow we get. There's still quite a few rocks near the surface on 'Keg. Cannonball is usually our last run on the mtn to open. It's just got so many obstacles.