Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A group of us are here in Denver working the SIA snow sports show. It's completely crazy! The show used to be in Las Vegas and is now in its more appropriate home.

Our team of buyers are scoping out next year's gear so we always have the best to offer in the Alpine Trader.

The show isn't open to the public so a bunch of us resorts and bars have gotten together to throw the World's Largest Apres Ski & Ride Party. If you're a Denverite, or just happen to be in town, come to Marlowe's Bar & Restaurant on 16th Street from 5-10pm Friday and Saturday nights for the Powderhorn party. We're giving away lift tickets, snowboards and Loki gear. Plus they have great drink specials going on every hour. You also have a chance to win lift tickets at the Paramount Cafe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Weekend

It's Wednesday night and it just started snowing here in Denver. Doesn't look like it's anything compared to what it's doing at the mountain! Look for a powder day tomorrow! Take some turns for those of us promoting good ol' PH over here at the SIA snow show.

This weekend is the 5th Annual Telefest. It's a full day for the freeheelers! Uphill/Downhill race, professional clinics, party, costumes and plenty of ski time. You also get a discounted lift ticket. Come drop a knee!

Also the Powderhorn Racing Club is putting on the first Town Race on Saturday. Click that link for all the details. This is open to everyone (compete in age groups) with races for skiers, snowboarders and telemark skiers. It'll be a giant slalom on Wonderbump. Proceeds benefit the racing club. Time to settle the score with the buddies...who's faster?

If you're reading this and happen to be a front ranger, come by Marlowe's Restaurant & Bar on the 16th Street Mall Thurs-Saturday nights for the Powderhorn party! Drinks specials, lift ticket giveaways and drawings for weekend stays and Burton snowboard. Follow our Twitter team @SkiPowderhorn

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dummy Jump Helpful Info

Some key information and advice from our park manager who is the Powderhorn authority on dummy jumping...

1. When referring to one's dummy, it is politically correct to use the term "mannequin". Unless of course your mannequin is a dummy.

2. Whether you are building a dummy or mannequin, only the strong survive. That is, survive the in-run...

3. Some of the best snowboarding and skiing dummies are all for show. That is to say they really succeed in the Dummy Parade where folks can ooh and ahh over their good looks. While some mannequins argue that its what's inside that really counts. After all, they are going to be soaring unassisted down a narrow track and off an extreme jump.

5. Of course there are a few rules that all jumpers must abide by: lewd, crude and inappropriate behavior by a dummy will not be tolerated. When building your jumper remember to consider the environment. No dummies will be allowed to jump if they are containing contaminants or dangerous materials (no glass, paint cans, refrigerators, toxic chemicals, fuels etc.). You get the point, you're no dummy. Dummies will be inspected by a master of ceremonies at the parade. A hammer to the knee test will also be performed at this time, as only a really dummy could survive.

6. Some professional dummies and mannequins would argue that the best way to make a real IMPACT on the judges is to have a spectacular landing. Some mannequins carry red food coloring, carpenter's chalk, or cool aid. All of which are bio-degradable.

7. Even other dummies think it's all about what you do in the air that counts. Some mannequins have taken freestyle lessons and agree where they put their weight often determines in which direction they'll flip.

Maverick's Picks

Maverick has been on a little hiatus from the office for awhile. We can't blame him when there was 35" of new snow falling outside! With all that research, he came back with some very strong data...

Run: Bear Claw is skiing great now. Nice and wide with plenty of room to spread out.

Food: The Chicken Parmesan sandwich at the Skier's Union Cafe. Come hungry...just trust me.

Gear: Got a new hat and scarf for my lady at the Alpine Trader. That's right, there's a Mrs. Maverick.

Event: I'm checking out the 5th Annual TeleFest this Saturday. Word is they'll let me in even though I'm a greenhorn.

Apres: The Sunset Bar has drink specials every day. So far my favorite is Margarita Mondays. Because what better way to end a Monday?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You Should Be Skiing

But you already knew that didn't you? I think the reason is obvious- 16" of snow so far this week with more expected!

This photo was taken Tuesday on Snowcloud

I forgot to mention last week that the Open Rail Jam video is up. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Ever Dummy Jump

We'll be hosting our very own Dummy Jump on February 20th. You may have seen footage of this event on a Warren Miller movie. They're hilarious.

Basically, you grab your group of friends, club, coworkers and build a dummy. Then we'll send it off a jump and let it crash! Judges will score on creativity, amplitude and the SPLAT factor. Your dummy must be appropriate (this is a family event), must be able to slide unassisted, and cannot have a human or living being attached...that's scary dangerous.

Interested? Call April Nichols at 970-268-5168 for information and to reserve your spot. Cost is $10 per dummy.

Here's a video of Big Sky's Dummy Jump. Good stuff.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Makes a Comeback

If it weren't for the inversion and below freezing temps in Grand Junction, we would have forgotten it's winter! The forecast is looking SO much better now...

NOAA Forecast

FYI, if you look at the forecasted highs each day, we are the same if not a little warmer than Grand Junction. And our air is clean. Come up to warm up!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Safety Week

National Ski Areas Association's Safety Week begins tomorrow. If you've never seen our exemplary cinematic skills displayed in our safety video, then you need to check this out...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sun Dog

There is a bright UFO over Bill's Run right now.

Ok maybe not. It's actually a Sun Dog. These are an atmospheric phenomenon that create bright spots of light in the sky horizontal to the sun. For the Wikipedia article, click here.

Ours isn't too bright, but cool none the less.

I think it's an omen of snow to come...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Put On Your Dancin' Shoes

How about we all do a collective snow dance today so we get the most out of this storm starting tonight? Let's get those big storms back!

Thank you, that is all.

Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Gonna Get Crazy

Oh boy are we gonna have fun!

We just added several new events to the calendar.
For the park skiers & riders we have the 3 Jump Jackpot- competition on our new 3 jump line going in soon.

The Dummy Jump is going to be hilarious. You build it, we send it! Off a jump. Call your buddies and start construction.

On Closing Day we'll end things off with a ski industry tradition- the Pond Skim.

Check out the events calendar here.

Did You Know?

Many of you are loyal Powderhorn folks and for that we're very grateful. You know almost everything about the mountain since you're up here all the time. But for those newer to the mountain, here's a few things you may not know:

- An inter-denominational worship service takes place every Sunday at 1:30pm. It's a ski in/ski out service about 20-30 minutes long located at the top of EZ.

- This is just the second season we've had Bear Claw and Hooligan, two great runs on the West End. Locals got to name the runs by voting for several weeks.

- Our rental shop isn't just skis and snowboards. You can get tele skis, cross country skis and snowshoes. We even rent clothing in the Alpine Trader.

- We have 2 shifts of slope maintenance crews every night: 4pm-midnight and midnight- 8am. These guys are preparing the mountain for another day of great riding. And they see some pretty interesting things every once in awhile....Sasquatch.

- There are plenty of "unnammed" runs at Powderhorn. Just ask someone who's been here a few years.

- There's still a small treasure chest hidden somewhere on the mountain with a prize in it. It's from a treasure hunt last year and we can't find the dang thing....forgot where we hid it!

- We LOVE getting photos and video from guests! Send stuff anytime to or post it on our Facebook page

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Maverick's Picks

Maverick took full advantage of the New Year's Eve festivities and almost caught himself on fire in the Torchlight Parade. But he's back on the slopes now and has given us his favorites for the week:

Run: Mad Dog Glade is my favorite place on a powder day. You can ski it all day and still find first tracks!

Food: My belly is hanging a little lower these days so my New Year's resolution is to eat a little better. So I've been trying the variety of wraps at the Sunset Grille.

Gear: In case people can't tell Powderhorn is my home mountain (who else has their own moose?), I loaded up on new logo wear at the Alpine Trader. Hats, hoodies, t-shirts and stickers!

Feature: The big rollers in the terrain park are my favorite place to learn my new trick: the Antler Spin. With this trick I'm confident I'll be representing the US next month in Vancouver!

Apres: The Skier's Union Cafe & Bar has PBR for only $2!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Lift Ticket Deals

The word is out, we have some of the best snow in the state. There's no reason for anyone to miss out so we're launching all kinds of new deals this month. We know budgets are tight....boy do we know...but we're doing all we can to help you have fun this season. Here's a list of all deals currently available and coming up:

1. The Plus Card sale has been extended! You now have until January 31st to get your card. It's $50 and gets you $7 off every lift ticket, 5th days free and an entire week of free skiing in February. Order online or by calling 970-268-5700.

2. Beginning Monday, January 4th stop by any Shell gas station and buy 10 gallons of gas or more. You'll be given a voucher for a buy one, get one free lift ticket valid Mondays-Fridays all season long! Click here for promo information and to find the station nearest you (there are 3 in Grand Junction).

3. Men's Days Wednesdays and Her's Days Thursdays begin this week! Guys and gals get $10 off your lift ticket on your respective day. Simple as that.

4. Text deals: get powder alerts and deals sent straight to your cell phone. Just text the word DEALS to 95495 to get on the list. You can opt out anytime. We feature deals on a variety of Powderhorn products and services. For example, the current text deal is 30% off Bomber Hats at the Alpine Trader.

5. If you're from out of the area, or just don't feel like driving, the Inn at Wildewood has great rooms located right by the lift and you get 2 half price lift tickets with every room! No blackouts. Rooms start at just $119/night. January 4-8 you buy one night, you get the second free AND the half-price lift tickets. Great way to unwind from the holidays. Call 970-268-5170 for reservations.

You can get the details on everything we offer on our deals page on the website.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010 everyone! Is it just me or did that decade go by fast?
Where are all these flying cars we were supposed to have by now?
Thanks to all who celebrated with us last night! Here's some pictures from the Rail Jam and the Torchlight Parade & Fireworks show.

Thanks to Nancy Buecheler for sending us this video!