Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Looking Good

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Everything is blanketed in that beautiful white right now. We had a good snowmaking night last night as temperatures were in the teens. Our high today and tomorrow will be in the upper 30s but the sun is low enough that it's not causing any melting.

The NOAA forecast is calling for HEAVY SNOW on Sunday!! We're counting on that storm to bring us to where we need to be to open. Looks very favorable right now.

Other news:

Going to Walmart or the mall right now can make an otherwise normal person completely lose it. So we've got some easy ideas for you if you've got a snowrider on your list.

Powderhorn Gift Cards are available here. These are good for any good or service at the mountain.

The Buddy, Burger, and Beverage deal is now available. Click here for a great gift for couples.

And the Alpine Trader has hats, stickers and more items coming to their online store.


Anonymous said...

Is the web cam down again? It hasn't refreshed in 4 hours?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for Powderhorn to get a webcam that customers can actually count on??? The webcam never seems to work.

Powderhorn Resort said...

The webcam isn't refreshing because the power has been down in the whole area. There's nothing wrong with the camera...its the connectivity that can get messed up. Comes with being up in the mountains.