Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Update- Cannonball

Brush cutting on Cannonball is complete! That run will ski so much differently. We'll also be able to open it earlier. Looking forward to skiing it!

First Snow

It has arrived! The first snow of the 2010-11 winter season hit Powderhorn on Friday and continued intermittently through this morning.

The first snow is always a welcome sight for sore eyes of the skiers and snowboarders out there. With this storm, the snow line fell to around 8,000 feet and provided Powderhorn with 2-3 inches.

Hopefully now it will stay fairly cold and we'll able to start snowmaking on time (mid-November). We'll keep you posted!

Here are a few pics from the weekend...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Coming

Winter is working it's way closer, which means we are working hard to be ready.

Snowfall is forecast for the Grand Mesa this weekend. Our snowmaking crew has been busy preparing snow guns, water lines, hydrants etc.

As discussed in the previous post, our brush cutters have begun work on Cannonball.
(Click to enlarge)

We open in 50 days or less!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mountain Update

Imagine hiking up black runs with a heavy brush cutter strapped to your body. We're not talking weed-wackers here...these things are serious.

Our mountain team has been busy brush cutting the whole mountain to make it even more fun this season. The teams systematically cut away aspen shoots and other brush allowing us to open the runs with less snow. You'll see the biggest impact in the gladed runs. Brush cutting has been completed on Racer's, Mad Dog and Thunder Mountain Glades.

Tony Martin, our mountain manager, told me, "all our cutters are skiers and riders here so they've each had a good idea of how to improve this mountain. People are going to see a huge difference."

Providing we have good weather, our cutters are scheduled to spend a week on their last objective: Cannonball. It's such a fantastic run, it just needs a little love. Let's hope we can get'er done!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Yea yeah, the only job where you can be right only some of the time and not get fired. I bet those guys have heard that joke at every party, dinner and doctor visit they've ever been to.

This time of year, powder hungry skiers like us are starting to ask, "what's gonna happen this season." And we expect answers. Well everyone has a prediction. Yet no one knows anything with any certainty. That doesn't change year after year.

For those interested in another point of view, check out the Colorado Powder Forecast. This post should be a little encouraging for you.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Powder Hungry

You don't realize how much you've missed powder until you see something like this. Here's a short video of a few guys enjoying Racer's Edge last season.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Finally Fall

Is it finally fall? Above normal temperatures have extended summer in much of the western United States. It's nice to have the bike and clubs out longer than usual...but we're ready for winter!

The temps have prompted some people to fear a dry winter. This week last year, Loveland opened for the ski season. However this was the earliest opening in decades.

So we're here to remind you, don't fear! Winter is coming and we'll be ready. Opening day is scheduled for December 16th, however if we have enough snow we'll open on the 9th.

It's never too early to start the snow dances!