Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Sure Is Quiet

Other than the wind blowing 40 mph, it's awfully quiet up here! Ski Patrol has wrapped up the "to do" list of things to close down the mountain. Our management team just finished up our season wrap-up meeting and now our sights are already set on next season. Well...actually our sights are set on our upcoming 2 weeks off, but...otherwise we're all about next season.

Another storm is on its way in! Strap on the skins and get a few more turns on your favorite run.

Fun tidbit- a bear has been spotted on the mountain already!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Snow Update

We couldn't ask for a better setup to the last weekend of the season. It looks like we're going to get the best of both worlds! It's snowing hard right now and should continue throughout the day and tonight. The forecast is calling for 6-10" by tomorrow so here's your chance to log one more powder day.

The SlushSprocket may not be "slushy" but it'll still happen tomorrow at 3pm. We'll just have a little extra padding should you happen to crash.

Then Sunday is looking to be sunny and in the 40s. Perfect conditions for the last day! Just for the heck of it, dress up in your favorite retro gear for the last turns of the season. We'll be grilling burgers and pouring the beer pond-side at the first ever Pond Skim. A live band made up of terrain park and lift operations employees will rock the pond as people skim and splash through the cold water.

It's a party and conditions are incredible. See you on the slopes!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Final Powder Day?

Today may or may not be the final powder day. There is a chance of snow Friday and Friday night. But for those here today, what a treat! Fresh snow, sunny skies and it's not too cold. This is the quality stuff we look for every March.

Sweet Misery


Don't you love it when the trees look like that?

Mad Dog Glade

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Final Countdown

This could be the saddest week of the entire calendar year. There's only 6 days left in our season. BUT we're enjoying it right up to the last minute! Here's everything you need to know about the final days at Powderhorn:

- You have until Sunday to purchase next year's pass at this year's price. Just stop by the ticket office to purchase the pass. We'll even take your mug shot right there, print out the pass and you go home ready for Opening Day 2010. We also welcome our new resort partner- Durango Mtn. Resort. You'll get 3 FREE days with your Powderhorn pass. At this time we have not met with Crested Butte or Monarch but we plan to continue our relationships with these great mountains as well. Check out the rates and info here.

- The Shell buy one, get one free lift ticket vouchers are still available through Friday. Buy 10 gallons of gas or more, get a voucher for a buy one, get one free adult lift ticket.

- Young at Heart is having their last ski day on Thursday. And in true Y@H style, they'll be wrapping up with a party at 4pm at the Sunset Bar. It's not too late to come hang out with our super fun 50+ crowd!

- You may have noticed some pretty crazy events at Powderhorn this year. Basically, if we think it's funny...and we can get away with it...we do it! Exhibit A- the 3rd Annual SlushSprocket Bike Race on Saturday. It's lots of people racing bikes down a ski slope. Those who can't do, point and laugh. Exhibit B- the first ever Pond Skim contest on Sunday. The pond will be about 96 feet of pure cold mountain water. Swap out the ski pants for a speedo and give it a go!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The 2nd Annual Great Mascot Race

The 2nd Annual Great Mascot Race took place this case you were wondering what all those creatures were all about. Here's a little footage from the race. The videographer almost fell off the snowmobile so we apologize for the bouncy least all limbs are still in tact.

An extra pic of the finish between 2nd and 3rd place

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pond Skim Poetry

We have a poet on staff...actually a few of them. Without further adieu, here is our first ever poem for our first ever Pond Skim.

The crowd was cheering,
some friends were jeering.
I traded my winter clothes,
for a nice pair of Speedos.
It was the first annual Pond Skim,
at Powderhorn Ski Area.
Pink flamingos, girls in bikinis,
burgers burning, even a life guard chair.
I pushed off with a shove,
and accelerated towards the pond.
Even if I wreck,
I suppose it won't last long.
Little did I know,
how easy it would be.
As I skimmed across the pond,
with the greatest of ease.

Pond Skim
Closing Day, March 28th after the lifts close
Registration 3pm in the lodge lobby
Everyone welcome to skim! Under 18 must have parent's signature.
$10 to enter
Costumes encouraged but not required.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guest Apreciation Day

Saturday is our big day to say THANK YOU for such a great season! It's looking like it'll be a perfect day with sunny skies but potentially several inches of new snow on the ground.

Here's all the deals and events happening this Saturday:


ALL season pass holders get 3 half-price lift tickets to share with friends and family. Mid-Week pass holders can use your pass on Saturday!

If you have any used 2009-10 season lift tickets, bring them to the ticket window for $5 off each. Up to $20 off your lift ticket!

The Sunset Grille is offering a large pizza (and trust me, they are LARGE) and 4 sodas for just $15.

The Alpine Trader is offering everyone 20% off one item. Season pass holders get sale price PLUS 10% off.

The Inn at Wildewood has special mid-week rates available for the weekend. Just give them a call for rates and availability: 970-268-5170. And of course if you have a season pass from another mountain, you ski free when you stay at the Inn.


Treasure chests will be hidden on the mountain on Saturday morning. They contain prizes such as lift tickets, free pizza, gift cards and Pepsi product. The Grand Prize is a season pass for next year! They'll be on blue & green runs only. And only on the main part of the mtn (no West End). That's all the hints you get right now.

The 2nd Annual Great Mascot Race is happening at 1pm Saturday. It'll be on Peacemaker from Midway down to the base area. So if you see a random pack of creatures flying by, you aren't in the Twilight Zone...

The Sunset Grille has live music from 3-6pm so enjoy a little apres!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The 2nd Annual Great Mascot Race is this Saturday as part of the Guest Appreciation Day shenanigins. So far we have quite the variety of creatures scheduled to race...

Maverick the Moose (he lives for this race)
Pepsi Crush
Rib City Grille
Famous Dave's (tentative)
Magic 93.1
The Moose 100.7
And a guy dressed as a lion representing his neighborhood

Talk about a motley crew. Does your organization or business have a mascot? Think you can beat some pigs, a couple moose and a cow? Then jump into this thing! Just call Sarah at 970-268-5158 to get on the list. There's no charge and we'll even hook you up with 2 lift tickets for letting us have a laugh at your expense.

Race Results

I think we have an Olympian or two in the making right here at Powderhorn! Birgit Morris of the Powderhorn Racing Team took 1st place in the giant slalom and the slalom races this weekend. The 10 year old posted the fastest times among 82 girls.

The rest of the team also did well as they skied against racers from Taos, Steamboat, Vail and many other areas in the Rocky Mtn. Division. Way to go little Lindseys and Bodes!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

J5 Finale

You may notice lots of little ones this weekend skiing faster than you. Powderhorn is playing host to the J5 Finale. Over 100 racers ages 8-10 from all over the Rocky Mtn Division are going for gold on Bill's Run today and Wonderbump tomorrow.

Good luck!

If you have any photos you'd like to share, send them to

Friday, March 12, 2010

Maverick's Picks

We had no idea moose could get goggle tans. But Maverick is well on his way with his! He's been all over the mountain this week and submitted this report...

With warm spring temps, the carving is awesome on Redeye and Bill's Run. Check out Redeye in the mornings and Bill's in the afternoons.

for the hearty appetite, check out the meatball sub over at the Skier's Union. Call me if you polish the plate, we need to hang out.

The Alpine Trader is having their March Madness sale with tons of items marked down. I just purchased some lighter gloves for these warm days.

It's finally here, sunny afternoons with margaritas on the deck!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Forward

Don't forget on Sunday we spring forward in time...which means the "powers that be" steal an hour of sleep from us. Just who do they think they are?

Well we're giving it back to you by shifting our lift hours to 10am-5pm. So sleep in on Sunday and then head to the mountain. Most departments will be shifting their hours too, but we'll all be here early on Sunday just to catch any of you that may have forgotten. We'll have the coffee on for you.

A little trivia...this is the best March snowfall to-date in the last 3 years. there's only 17 days left in the season. So come and get it!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spring Break Snow

These are the best spring break conditions in about 3 years! You kiddos are school, no responsibility, and powder days.

With 15" in the last two days and a base at 59", I hope many of you slightly older kiddos are taking a little spring break of your own and getting turns in. Enjoy it out there!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Kids Park Chalenge 2010

1st Hill Bonin
2nd Tom Housky
3rd Kole Arellano
4th Luke Shrader
5th Pat Baltze

1st Bryan Marz
2nd Aidan Ebel
3rd Max Robbins
4th Logan Cronebaugh
5th Rayes Espinoza

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Goggle Tan Time

Now that we're in March it's officially spring skiing season. It goes without saying that we're hoping for a few more powder days, but otherwise the sunny weather provides such a fun time on the slopes. Here's our Top 10 Reasons Why Spring Skiing is Awesome:

1. Goggle tans are good conversation starters.

2. You can ditch the puffy coat and ride in a hoodie.

3. Goofy events such as the Mascot Race, SlushSprocket Bike Race and the (new) Pond Skim.

4. That soft, corn snow is fun to carve.

5. Beers on the deck.

6. Lots of deals such as the 4 Packs, 1/2 Price Mondays, and Guest Appreciation Day.

7. People start randomly wearing throwback outfits like neon one piece suits.

8. You can go skiing and put off spring cleaning. You've got all of April and May for that.

9. We spring forward on March 14th, so our lift hours spring as well! 10am-5pm for maximum sun time.

10. Only 25 days left in the season, so get it while you can!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Demo Sale

The Rental Shop is having a demo sale! Now is the time to snag some great skis for a great price.

08 High Society Classic (177) $275
08 High Society FR (161) $250
06 Volkl AC2 Unlimited (177) $125
06 K2 Public Enemy (164) $100
06 K2 Public Enemy (168) $100
09 K2 Public Enemy (174) $250
07 K2 Misdemeanors (154) $200
07 K2 Bad Seed (139) $200
07 K2 Bad Seed (149) $200
08 K2 Extreme (159) $250
08 Head Great One (159) $200
08 Liberty Jinx (157) $300

Price includes full tune and wax
Stop in the rental shop or call at 970-268-5700 ext. 2046