Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Dummies...Just Pow

With the high winds and snow absolutely dumping, we decided to postpone the Dummy Jump and Snow Bar until next Saturday, March 5th. Same time, same place.

It's a bummer not to be launching dummies today, however the powder definitely made up for it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

We're ready. Are you?

So far today we've received 5" of new snow. Still dumping! There are free refills on every lap.

Yoo Hoo is Yeehaw!

A few early entries for the Dummy Jump

The jump is ready to launch some dummies

Maverick Park is getting a 16' quarter pipe

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

2.23.11 Update

This week's podcast comes to you from smack in the middle of the Dummy Jump takeoff. You'll have to turn up the volume a little for this one, sorry for the sound issues.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uncovering Snow Bar for Another Party!

The Terrain Park Crew and some of the Rental Shop crew were working hard today, digging the SnowBar out from under the new snow we have gotten, so we can party in there this weekend! Odell Brewing is sponsoring the SnowBar this weekend, Febraury 26. There will be drink specials, a bonfire, a dancefloor, and a DJ all inside this snow fort.
Before the party, is one of the funniest and most exciting events of the season, Dummy Jump! It's $10 to enter a Dummy, and free to watch, of course. The destruction begins at 5 pm, and judges are looking for the best themes, and biggest crashes!
We've got a full weekend of entertainment, relaxation, and great skiing or snowboarding lined up for you this weekend. We'll see you here!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maverick's Picks

I tracked Maverick down today on Bill's Run. It seems he's been playing so much lately he'd forgotten his duties. Hey, we don't let a moose on the slopes with a free pass for nothing. Here are Mav's favorite picks of the week:

Run: The snow has been so perfectly carvable lately, I've been laying in deep turns on Bill's Run.

Event: My buddies and I are getting ready for the Dummy Jump this Saturday. We have to start all over on our dummy though. We thought we could just use my cousin Earl...but then we read the rules.

Gear: The Alpine Trader is starting to have sales on several great brands. I went ahead and got myself a new scarf and some sunglasses. Gotta be ready for those spring days that are not too far away.Bold

Food: I can't get enough of the chicken parmesan sandwiches at the Skiers Union Cafe!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Building a Death Trap

Construction of the Dummy Jump has begun! The guys have just started pushing the snow to build up the jump. The track and of course, the carnage-catcher will be coming soon. Take a peek at it if you're skiing this weekend.

If you're building a dummy, here are some helpful tips:
  1. Give it some weight. Dummies need to be a little heavy to pick up the speed needed for a 20 foot jump and serious airtime.
  2. Make sure it slides straight. If using skis, measure them at tip, middle and tail to make sure they're perfectly parallel.
  3. Have fun with it! Get creative. Materials we've seen used in the past: bathtub, washing machine, wheelchair, keg, and a toilet. Just don't use hazardous materials or fireworks.
For a slideshow of Dummy Jump pics from last year, click here.

Dummy Jump & Snow Bar
Saturday, February 26th
5pm- Release the dummies!
$10 to enter a dummy
Please have your dummy to the mountain by 1pm. Check in at Guest Services. Our crew will help unload and transport the dummy to the snow. Dummies will be on display at the lift line.

Snow Bar presented by Odell Brewing Co. - immediately following the Dummy Jump
No cover
DJ, dancing, bonfire and drink specials

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what goes on at Powderhorn to make the place run? I know I used to think that a ski area pretty much just turned the lift on and said "Go for it!" Here's what really happens on a typical day...

The lifts close at 4pm every day. At this time, ski patrol does the final load on the lift for sweep. Patrols spread out across the mountain and ski every run slowly, stopping at checkpoints. They are looking for anyone that may not have made it off the mountain yet.

Next the groomers come out. These guys generally work shifts of 4pm to midnight and midnight to 8am. Each groomer has his list of runs to maintain that has been selected by Ski Patrol and Slope Maintenance. Groomers have great stories of things they've seen running around the mountain in the middle of the night (no sasquatch yet though). We also make snow during the night in the early season period.

Once everything has been groomed, the guys call in the report by 5am to a special voicemail box. Then, either myself or another snow reporter pulls ourselves out of bed around 5 or 5:30am to get their report and publish the snow report. Hopefully we sound perky and fool you into thinking we've been up for hours. Usually I've been up for 3 minutes and I'm in my PJs.

Our snow removal team is sometimes the first to arrive when it has been snowing. This crew is here at the crack of dark to plow everything. Our lift operations crew arrives at 7am and gets to their positions at the 3 lifts. Ski Patrol is also arriving at this time to start putting up the fences, slow signs, etc (this stuff is removed every night for the grooming). Food & Beverage is also showing up around this time to start cooking up a tasty breakfast, especially those killer cinnamon rolls.

Lift Operations crews perform safety and service checks on all lifts and then makes a radio call to our mountain dispatcher when each lift is ready for the public. The terrain park crew prepares and opens each park. In the meantime, ticket office has opened the windows and ski school is in their morning meeting. By 8:30 the rental shop is getting tons of skis and snowboards adjusted to each individual foot. When the clock strikes 9, we start loading and the day has begun. At 10:30am the first batch of lessons begin and instructors take their groups to the different teaching areas on the mountain.

All day long we're communicating on the radios between departments trying to make everything run smooth. At about 3:30 the terrain parks close and each feature gets maintenance and raking. When 4pm comes around again, the lifts get "toned out." This is a tone that is broadcast to all our radios with an announcement that all lifts are officially closed. Then, the whole process begins again!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Full Moon Party

People always say, "there must be a full moon" when others are acting strangely. Well, we're welcoming your full moon behavior this Friday. It's our second Full Moon Party of the season. The moon rises early, so enjoy a XC or snowshoe tour on the Grand Mesa. The Sunset Grille is your pre/post tour stop for live music, drink and appetizer specials.

2.16.11 Update

This week's podcast features our roller coaster weather, snow reporting and a deal coming your way.

More Powder Footage

One of our Facebook friends, Caleb Weaver, posted this video of he and his buddies enjoying that last storm.

Pow Day-2.9.11 from Lightbulb Media on Vimeo.

The warm temperatures this week were a welcome relief from that subzero stuff. But I think we're all ready for another powder day. Snow is in the forecast for the next several days. Let's hope we'll all be riding the goods again soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shoot Your Friends

We like to see you and your buddies rockin' your style. We also like great camera work. So grab a camera and shoot your friends. Here's the scoop:

1. Shoot footage of your friends riding at Powderhorn.
2. Post your video to Vimeo or YouTube and link it to the Powderhorn Facebook Page.
3. Our staff will choose their favorite on April 2nd and announce the selection at the Pond Skim on April 3rd. If your video is chosen, we'll hook you up with a Grenade jacket and 4 lift tickets for next season!

Video must contain footage shot only within the boundaries of Powderhorn.
Video should be 2-5 minutes long and at least 360p, HD preferred.
Remember inverts are not allowed at Powderhorn.
If music is included, please respect copyrights.
No profanity or inappropriate material.
If any of these rules are violated, your video will be disqualified.

Link your video to the Powderhorn Facebook page anytime between now and April 2nd. We'll spread it around via our other social networks!

Anyone submitting an entry may be asked for permission and to sign a release allowing Powderhorn to use the video as a marketing tool in the future.

Crossroads Fitness

Crossroads Fitness of Grand Junction are good friends of Powderhorn. They have two locations for getting your legs in shape before (or during) the ski season.

This week, Crossroads is our local business focus as our Business of the Week partner. Check out their table in the Base Lodge lobby for coupons and deals. This Saturday, keep your eyes peeled for Crossroads water bottles hidden throughout the mountain. You'll find sweet prizes inside!

Are you a Crossroads Fitness member? Bring your membership card all this week and receive 10% off lift tickets, lessons, rentals, merchandise at the Alpine Trader and food at the Sunset Grille. Available through Saturday, February 19th.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family Feud

It's been a week since the Super Bowl, but there's still a little family feud going on between a couple employees here.

In this corner...Michele, weekend admin. assistant. Huge Steelers fan.
In the other corner...John, snow removal manager. Huge Packers fan.

Last weekend Michele had a massive display at the reception desk in support of her Steelers. After her bitter loss, John did a little redecorating of her workspace, officially rubbing the Packer win in her face.

Her desktop image

Today, Michele is answering back...

I think this feud thing could last to the next Super Bowl.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Prepare For Lift Off

The 2nd Annual Dummy Jump is just a couple weeks away, February 26th to be exact. So it's time to start brainstorming and building! Those of you that witnessed the spectacle last year saw a variety of "dummies' launched off our huge jump- a washing machine, bathtub, go kart and even Richard Nixon.

It's just $10 to enter a dummy. There will be prizes based on creativity and biggest/most spectacular/epic crash. Grab your buddies and start the plan.

Carnage is a crowd pleaser...

What could make the Dummy Jump even more fun?

How about another SNOW BAR!
Right after the Dummy Jump, head down to the Snow Bar for another party in the snow with music, drink specials, door prizes and bonfire.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Face Shots

The forecast called for 3-5". How about 14 instead?

If you weren't here getting your face shots today, plan on it tomorrow. There'll still be goodies left over!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Powder Cats Race Day!

The grand finale of the 2010-2011 Powder Cats program was a downhill race through The Magic Forest with some unconventional gates and obstacles!

15 racers were cheered on by their team mates, family and coaches all the way to the balloon arch finish line!

And the winners of this timed event were....

They celebrated after the race with juice and cookies, and were awarded certificates and goodie bags for their achievements this season! The Powder Cats will meet for two more fun days on the mountain to show off the skills they have learned in their lessons!

The Powder Cats program is designed for children 4-8 with an emphasis on safety, fun, skill improvement and exploring the mountain. All Powder Cats must exhibit the ability to stop before the first lesson, and they keep learning from there!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Buddy Werner Race 2 Results

The second Buddy Werner race of the season was held last Sunday on Wonderbump. Here are the results:

Name, Run 1, Run 2, Best
J3 Boys
Josh Yeoman, 31.83 (1), 32.31 (1), 31.83 (1)
Blake Qualls, 36.31 (2), 36.04 (2), 36.04 (2)
Tyler Sheehy, DQ, 44.68 (3), 44.68 (3)

J4 Girls
Anna Worrall-Wilk 41.40 (1), 41.53 (1), 41.40 (1)
Hannah Olsson, 44.90 (2), 47.29 (2), 44.90 (2)
Jennifer Garland, 48.84 (3), 50.36 (3), 48.84 (3)

J4 Boys
Ethan Hartmann, 37.49 (1), 38.16 (1), 37.49 (1)
Erik Brygger, 37.85 (2), 38.71 (2), 37.85 (2)

J5 Girls
Lily Redden, 36.12 (1), 37.64 (1), 36.12 (1)
Tatum Niemeyer, 37.40 (2), 40.07 (4), 37.40 (2)
Mia Brygger, 37.72 (3), 39.91 (3), 37.72 (3)
Sloan Lindsey, 37.77 (4), 39.30 (2), 37.77 (4)
Kate Hayde, 39.01 (5), 47.46 (10), 39.01 (5)
Mira Mercier, 40.30 (6), 50.24 (15), 40.30 (6)
Lucy Foley, 40.43 (7), 43.26 (5), 40.43 (7)
Caroline Qualls, 41.58 (8), 43.69 (6), 41.58 (8)
Teagan Yake, 42.94 (9), 43.87 (7), 42.94 (9)
Leah Meleski, 43.46 (10), 48.07 (12), 43.46 (10)
Makena McLaughlin, DQ, 44.87 (8), 44.87 (11)
Cierra Reese, 45.83 (11), 45.71 (9), 45.71 (12)
Jessica Stouder, 46.57 (12), 48.69 (13), 46.57 (13)
Ava Severs, 47.73 (13), 47.48 (11), 47.48 (14)
Amy Garland, 50.98 (14), 50.14 (14), 50.14 (15)
Ivory Mallinson, 57.57 (15), 1:01.48 (17), 57.57 (16)
Madison Rozman, DQ, 59.18 (16), 59.18 (17)
Holli Acree, 1:06.13 (16), 1:01.89 (18), 1:01.89 (18)
Cora Perkins, 1:08.51 (17), 1:06.04 (19), 1:06.04 (19)
Callie Witt, 1:27.68 (18), 1:23.81 (20), 1:23.81 (20)

J5 Boys
Stevenson Reynolds 35.32 (1), 36.58 (1), 35.32 (1)
Luke Sorensen, 36.27 (2), 37.03 (2), 36.27 (2)
Augie Luedtke, 36.99 (3), 38.43 (3), 36.99 (3)
Mikey Ash, 41.47 (4), 41.28 (4), 41.28 (4)
Ryan Foley, 45.61 (5), 44.24 (5), 44.24 (5)
Riley King, 46.07 (7), 45.64 (6), 45.64 (6)
Elias Paul, 45.87 (6), 46.70 (8), 45.87 (7)
Ryan Chamberlain, 47.87 (8), 46.39 (7), 46.39 (8)

J6 Girls
Molly Mueller, 34.96 (1), 35.43 (1), 34.96 (1)
Hannah Carlson, 42.12 (2), 41.97 (2), 41.97 (2)
Annika Sisac, 43.53 (3), 44.79 (3), 43.53 (3)
Josie Luedtke, 46.07 (4), 46.40 (4), 46.07 (4)
Hannah Wibblesman, DQ, 46.74 (5), 46.74 (5)
Graycen Hanson, 47.18 (5), 46.89 (6), 46.89 (6)
Aubree Andre, 48.81 (7), 47.25 (7), 47.25 (7)
Dannon Yake, 48.12 (6), 47.44 (8), 47.44 (8)
Katelyn Leonard, DQ, 49.79 (9), 49.79 (9)
Sarah Chamberlain, 50.25 (8), 52.85 (14), 50.25 (10)
Ashleigh Gardner, 55.34 (12), 50.79 (10), 50.79 (11)
Winnie Hirsch, 58.99 (14), 50.90 (11), 50.90 (12)
Hannah Gunderson, 52.02 (10), 51.58 (12), 51.58 (13)
Katie Fry, 51.81 (9), 52.44 (13), 51.81 (14)
Kate Hudak, 53.13 (11), 56.06 (15), 53.13 (15)
Chloe Coleman, 55.35 (13), 57.28 (16), 55.35 (16)
Arianna Miklos, 1:18.21 (15), 1:18.21 (17)

J6 Boys
Josh Meyers, 57.99 (10), 36.81 (1), 36.81 (1)
Kyle Mimmack, 37.15 (1), 37.21 (2), 37.15 (2)
Noah Mathwig, 39.49 (2), 39.02 (3), 39.02 (3)
Samuel Cummings, 40.47 (3), 43.97 (5), 40.47 (4)
Kyle Reed, 41.08 (4), 43.13 (4), 41.08 (5)
Cooper Ross, 43.83 (5), 47.01 (6), 43.83 (6)
Marius Mercier, 47.74 (6), 47.17 (7), 47.17 (7)
Billy McLaughlin, 51.58 (8), 47.86 (8), 47.86 (8)
Coulter Corn, 51.44 (7), 51.62 (9), 51.44 (9)
Chad Nilsen, 53.90 (9), 53.53 (10), 53.53 (10)

J7 Girls
Makenna Hartmann, 55.91 (1), DQ, 55.91 (1)
Kerry Keenan, 56.16 (2), DQ, 56.16 (2)
Tori Hirsch, 56.54 (3), 57.28 (1), 56.54 (3)
Ellie Gunderson, DQ, 59.69 (2), 59.69 (4)
Olina Beard,, DQ, 1:00.04 (3), 1:00.04 (5)
Adah Lee Heller, 1:14.03 (4), 1:07.71 (4), 1:07.71 (6)

J7 Boys
Luke Meyers, 38.72 (1), 41.58 (1), 38.72 (1)
Jack Perkins, 41.80 (2), 46.00 (2), 41.80 (2)
Luke Neville, 55.38 (3), 58.62 (4), 55.38 (3)
Charlie Padyk, 58.37 (4), 58.71 (5), 58.37 (4)
Silas Reinkensmeye, 58.54 (5), 58.39 (3), 58.39 (5)

Great job everyone!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Maverick's Pics

Maverick shook the snow out of his antlers and stopped in with this week's picks:

Run: With 16" in the last 48 hours, everything is good. Powder pockets can still be found in the trees. Head for your personal stash!

Event: It's a competition weekend. This Saturday is both the CDA Ski Challenge and the 3 Jump Jackpot. Speed or air? Take your pick. Perhaps a little of both? Get those adrenaline juices flowing.

Gear: Hand warmers! They're a quick purchase and save your hooves. Buy these little packets of fire at the Alpine Trader or Guest Services.

Food: There are a variety of hot soups each day at the Sunset Grille. I've gone through 6 bowls already this week. I'm taking the self-proclaimed Tour de Soup.

Apres: Check out Carl's Special at the Sunset Bar: scotch and 7 for just $2!

Hit the Jumps — Hit the Jackpot! This Saturday...

Love to get big air? Got some good moves up there? Strut your stuff at the 3 Jump Jackpot this Saturday February 5, and you could win yourself some sweet prizes [from Dakine!], and maybe more importantly — bragging rights. The competition will be held in the Maverick Terrain Park where, you guessed it, there will be three big jumps. The 2 biggest jumps are ready and thanks to the big ol' storm we just got, we've got the white stuff piled up to build the 3rd jump this week.
The competition is open to skiers and riders, guys and gals, pros and amatuers, of all ages. It's free to spectators, $15 to enter. Competitors must have a helmet and sign a release. Those under 18 need a signature from their parent or guardian to compete. Registration is at Noon, Jackpot starts at 1:00 pm. Don't forget your lucky charms.... and your game face, this is one jackpot that isn't ALL about luck.

Photos from last year's 3 Jump Jack Pot here at Powderhorn.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pow Day

Despite bitter cold temps, many of you snagged first tracks this morning! The cold temperatures made the snow extra light and fun. Here's a quick video of some clips we got in Mad Dog Glade and Yoohoo.

Send in your powder pics or video!