Friday, September 30, 2011

Big News!

Half Pipe Coming to Powderhorn for Winter Season

MESA, Colo. (Sept. 30, 2011) – Big news for ski and snowboard enthusiasts and families, alike, with the addition of a half pipe to Powderhorn, the Grand Mesa ski resort near Grand Junction, Colo. The new, 300 to 350 foot long half pipe will be located at the base of the mountain and visible from Powderhorn’s sun deck. The half pipe will also boast 13 foot high walls with a 16 to 17 percent grade.

Powderhorn has never had a half pipe during its 45-year existence.

“We are holding true to our promise of improving the guest experience,” Co-owner Andy Daly said. “The park snowboarders and skiers are critical for the experience we want to achieve at Powderhorn. We hope this will be one step toward a more friendly mountain for young customers. ”

Powderhorn early-bird season passes are available at the lowest price of the season – adult pass $399 - now through Oct. 14. Passes are available at or by calling 970-268-5700.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Peak Color Time!

The colors of the Grand Mesa are putting on a full show now. The yellows and oranges of the aspens are just about blinding. Long-term event planning is always difficult when the event depends on nature. But it looks like this weekend should be near the peak of the color extravaganza.

One of our employees mysteriously disappeared this morning. These pictures got them busted...

Lift rides are available from 11am-2:30pm, cost is $12 adults, $5 kids 10 & under. See you on the mountain!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Town Photo/Sales Dates

The Powderhorn Team is taking the show on the road! There are several opportunities to come order your pass, have your photo taken or pick up a Deca Card. We also like hearing about your summer and catching up with our PHanatics.

Check out the event calendar for dates and info.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Work where you play!

We're currently looking for awesome people to fill the following positions:

Food & Beverage Manager
Slope Manager
Lift Maintenance Manager
Ski & Ride Center Manager
Sales and Communications Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator
Guest Services Manager

For details and to apply, click here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Transition Accomplished!

You may have already seen it in the news, but we officially transitioned to new ownership this week. Andy Daly and the Gart brothers now have Powderhorn in their hands and they're ready to rock & roll.

Our biggest focus this year will be on your experience. From customer service to grooming to snowmaking, we will be working to improve it all. Plans and work to improve the snowmaking system are under way. Hopefully we'll have the cold temperatures we need (and early) to start cranking out the white stuff. As I've explained before, snowmaking is key to getting the mountain open early and in good condition. That rain last year.....well, let's just say "rain" is a terrible 4 letter word around here. Anyway, we're working with the Forest Service now to do all that is necessary to ramp up the system for this season.

We'll be hiring many positions soon, please stay tuned. We're looking for people who have great attitudes, enjoy making sure guests are having a good time and who love the mountain. As soon as all the information is together, we'll post it on our website.

In the meantime, come see us this weekend for Color Weekend lift rides, BBQ and fun!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Color Weekends

This year you have 4 opportunities to view the fall colors of the Grand Mesa!

Color Weekends

Sept. 24-25
Oct. 1-2

Lift Rides 11am-2:30pm
$12 Adults
$5 Kids 10 & under

BBQ from Rib City Grill
Sales at the Alpine Trader & Cafe
The ticket office will be open for season pass purchases, photos and liability forms
The official Grand Mesa Scenic Byway Color Sunday is Sept. 25th, enjoy events all along the byway!

Never been?
What You Need To Know

• Event is weather permitting.

• Loading and unloading the lift can be a strenuous activity.

• The lift DOES NOT stop for loading and unloading.

• You need to be able to walk at a brisk pace to load and walk/jog UNASSISTED to unload.

• It is not recommended for you to ride the lift if you have pre-existing physical conditions, circulation, heart, or respiratory problems.
• Lift ride takes approximately one hour round trip.

• Unloading at the top IS NOT permitted.

• Anticipate weather changes and dress appropriately.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Remember this?

Remember this stuff?

Good times are coming again soon. Temps have dropped in the last couple weeks and storm clouds are sitting on the mountain again. It won't be long...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Park Features

The guys have been all over the mountain this summer and I think, come winter, you'll notice! New park features have been made from dead aspen to create The Rabbit Hole- a natural style park right after the Maverick jump line.

Existing features got a little paint job

And facelifts

You'll also see more maintenance work in your favorite glades. After all, the trees are our signature!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Snow Sighting!

It happened....

Snow was officially sighted on the peaks around Winter Park and A Basin. And there was much rejoicing among skiers & riders!

From our friends over at A Basin

Winter is coming!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Chill in the Air

There's a little chill in the air this morning. Doesn't it feel great? New ski and snowboard magazines are also sitting on my desk. It can only mean one thing- ski season is just around the corner.

In just about 3 months, the lifts will begin turning here again and we'll welcome back all our PHriends. Our crews are hard at work preparing the mountain. There will be a lot of changes this year that you can feel, but may not necessarily see. Our new owners are working to improve the snowmaking system for this season. Increasing snowmaking output, even just on the lower 20 acres, will help the mountain open earlier and with a quality base. Let's just hope we get cold temperatures early this year (unlike last year).

We'll keep you updated as the preseason progresses! For season pass info, click here.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Time to get your season pass!

Through much transition and honestly, a lot of hustle, season passes are now available for the 2011-12 season! Thank you for your patience and excitement for the upcoming season. It's a fresh year and the best news: LOWER PRICES!

For all the prices, information and to order your pass, click here.