Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What the ??

Here's our Photo of the Day (click to enlarge)

Looks like just about anybody can get a staff pass around here.

UPDATE: 10:00am- Two small rails are now open on EZ. Upper Maverick is now open. Looks like lots more runs will be opening tomorrow morning!
UPDATE: 12:45pm- Lower Bill's Run has been opened! And it's dumping right now!


Jeremy_and_Laura said...

Nice Pig! Hey, I'm curious to know when you think all of the green slopes will be open. I'm heading there this weekend and bringing a beginner with me.

Powderhorn Resort said...

Another round of snow is headed our way and I know ski patrol is working hard to get more terrain open. So I think you'll find plenty for a beginner this weekend.

Unknown said...

how deep does the snow/base need to be for the west end lift to open? and the new run?

Unknown said...

How much of a base is needed to open the west end lift? and the new run? thanky

Anonymous said...

What is the expected opening day for West End?