Friday, December 12, 2008

Random Info

Everywhere I go right now, people are talking about the weather and skiing. Everyone is ready to go! We are too. But what's more important is that we open with good, safe conditions. So we aren't going to push it just to be open.

Forecast says 2-4" tomorrow and another 8-12" Saturday night! No matter what, that's good news.

To answer a couple questions:

If we open Sunday, we do not recommend booking any first timer lessons. It's unclear at this time how much beginner terrain will be open.

Employees should contact their manager regarding Sunday. The best thing to do is plan to work that day, but check your email or the website first thing Sunday morning for the news.

Regardless of what happens, I'll post an update very early Sunday morning (as soon as I hear from the mtn crew). I'll let you know what call we make, how much snow we've had so far, and any other info that may be helpful.

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Anonymous said...

Are their projections for base or top of mountain snow?