Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Webcam Fans

Just FYI...the power went out in the whole area this morning which shut down the webcam obviously. As soon as the servers are back up, the camera will be updating again.


Anonymous said...

I bet you can get a bus for 10k if you get 500 peaple for 10 bucks a pop in two years thats the cost add fuel $1.70 a gallon 16 each way so $32 round trip and you get way more than 500 on the bus each year so tell first student you want to buy a bus and you will make profit soon enough

veteran boarder ryan foster

Anonymous said...

ok i found flat and round front late 90's school buses for 9,000 not sure where but it might be worth it

Powderhorn Resort said...

Gotta think about insurance too. That's the stinker. Requires special permits & insurance