Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Final Countdown

This could be the saddest week of the entire calendar year. There's only 6 days left in our season. BUT we're enjoying it right up to the last minute! Here's everything you need to know about the final days at Powderhorn:

- You have until Sunday to purchase next year's pass at this year's price. Just stop by the ticket office to purchase the pass. We'll even take your mug shot right there, print out the pass and you go home ready for Opening Day 2010. We also welcome our new resort partner- Durango Mtn. Resort. You'll get 3 FREE days with your Powderhorn pass. At this time we have not met with Crested Butte or Monarch but we plan to continue our relationships with these great mountains as well. Check out the rates and info here.

- The Shell buy one, get one free lift ticket vouchers are still available through Friday. Buy 10 gallons of gas or more, get a voucher for a buy one, get one free adult lift ticket.

- Young at Heart is having their last ski day on Thursday. And in true Y@H style, they'll be wrapping up with a party at 4pm at the Sunset Bar. It's not too late to come hang out with our super fun 50+ crowd!

- You may have noticed some pretty crazy events at Powderhorn this year. Basically, if we think it's funny...and we can get away with it...we do it! Exhibit A- the 3rd Annual SlushSprocket Bike Race on Saturday. It's lots of people racing bikes down a ski slope. Those who can't do, point and laugh. Exhibit B- the first ever Pond Skim contest on Sunday. The pond will be about 96 feet of pure cold mountain water. Swap out the ski pants for a speedo and give it a go!


Anonymous said...

Partnering with other mtns is a big perk. Noticed Monarch had numerous partners this past year. We tried both CB and Monarch this year and found them to be very fun mountains. If we didn't have the pass perks we wouldn't have done it and wouldn't have stayed overnight there. Any possibility of bringing back Sunlight in the partnership? The Gems need to stick together.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it looks like Saturday's weather is not going to cooperate with the SlushSprocket race. I think you should move it and the pond skim to Sunday afternoon?

Powderhorn Resort said...

Yeah, I'm not sure it'll be "slushy" on Saturday. We'll take powder though too!