Friday, March 19, 2010

Pond Skim Poetry

We have a poet on staff...actually a few of them. Without further adieu, here is our first ever poem for our first ever Pond Skim.

The crowd was cheering,
some friends were jeering.
I traded my winter clothes,
for a nice pair of Speedos.
It was the first annual Pond Skim,
at Powderhorn Ski Area.
Pink flamingos, girls in bikinis,
burgers burning, even a life guard chair.
I pushed off with a shove,
and accelerated towards the pond.
Even if I wreck,
I suppose it won't last long.
Little did I know,
how easy it would be.
As I skimmed across the pond,
with the greatest of ease.

Pond Skim
Closing Day, March 28th after the lifts close
Registration 3pm in the lodge lobby
Everyone welcome to skim! Under 18 must have parent's signature.
$10 to enter
Costumes encouraged but not required.

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