Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Goggle Tan Time

Now that we're in March it's officially spring skiing season. It goes without saying that we're hoping for a few more powder days, but otherwise the sunny weather provides such a fun time on the slopes. Here's our Top 10 Reasons Why Spring Skiing is Awesome:

1. Goggle tans are good conversation starters.

2. You can ditch the puffy coat and ride in a hoodie.

3. Goofy events such as the Mascot Race, SlushSprocket Bike Race and the (new) Pond Skim.

4. That soft, corn snow is fun to carve.

5. Beers on the deck.

6. Lots of deals such as the 4 Packs, 1/2 Price Mondays, and Guest Appreciation Day.

7. People start randomly wearing throwback outfits like neon one piece suits.

8. You can go skiing and put off spring cleaning. You've got all of April and May for that.

9. We spring forward on March 14th, so our lift hours spring as well! 10am-5pm for maximum sun time.

10. Only 25 days left in the season, so get it while you can!

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Anonymous said...

How about some props to the biggest event (particpation wise) of the year - the J5 Finale. Where over 200 9 and 10 year olds from all over CO, NM, and AZ will come to PH. It is the biggest race for this age group in the Rocky Mountain Division and it is at PH for the second year in a row. PH has some skiiers capable of winning and getting top 10s!