Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The 2nd Annual Great Mascot Race is this Saturday as part of the Guest Appreciation Day shenanigins. So far we have quite the variety of creatures scheduled to race...

Maverick the Moose (he lives for this race)
Pepsi Crush
Rib City Grille
Famous Dave's (tentative)
Magic 93.1
The Moose 100.7
And a guy dressed as a lion representing his neighborhood

Talk about a motley crew. Does your organization or business have a mascot? Think you can beat some pigs, a couple moose and a cow? Then jump into this thing! Just call Sarah at 970-268-5158 to get on the list. There's no charge and we'll even hook you up with 2 lift tickets for letting us have a laugh at your expense.


Unknown said...

Papa Johns pizza mascot Mr. Slice will be up there too!

Powderhorn Resort said...


Anonymous said...

Hey this isn't totally related to this post at all, but I have a question: Do you think you guys could do a weekly overview of the terrain park? it's constantly changing and i haven't been up there in a couple weeks, and id like to know what to expect what's up there.