Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Sure Is Quiet

Other than the wind blowing 40 mph, it's awfully quiet up here! Ski Patrol has wrapped up the "to do" list of things to close down the mountain. Our management team just finished up our season wrap-up meeting and now our sights are already set on next season. Well...actually our sights are set on our upcoming 2 weeks off, but...otherwise we're all about next season.

Another storm is on its way in! Strap on the skins and get a few more turns on your favorite run.

Fun tidbit- a bear has been spotted on the mountain already!


Anonymous said...

any chance you guys will reopen for this weekend? a lot of resorts are doing this.... just wondering as we're being hammered with snow.

Powderhorn Resort said...

No we are officially closed for the season. It's difficult to keep employees on for weekends only. Everyone has moved on to their next adventure!

John Linko said...

Difficult or not, it's a contingency that your organization needs to plan for in the future. Sunlight just announced it is pushing back closing to stay open another weekend. If the logistics are so daunting, how are they able to do it?

Powderhorn has enjoyed what appears to be some of the best snow in many years, yet according to the ski reports in the local media it is the first resort in the state to close. Do you realize how strange it looks on Channel 11 when they put on the "Powderhorn Ski Report" and Powderhorn is the only resort listed as "closed for the season"?

With all of this snow, it is both a travesty for season pass holders and disingenuous toward everyone that your resort can't figure out a way to take advantage of the abundant snow to extend your season, especially when other resorts seem to be able to do so.

Powderhorn management owes an explanation and proof of due diligence to local ski enthusiasts and the rest of us.

Better luck next year.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Linko ... the prices you charge for a season pass closely match other Colorado resorts which have much longer seasons and are really NOT much further of a drive to get to. We do Not get our hard earned money's worth when you are only open for some 90 days out of the year.

And as far as 'Everyone' moving on to their next adventure ... I can tell you that a greater percentage of your folks are now NOT employed and would jump at the chance to serve a few more weekends. There are really only a few employees that have either had to leave the country or actually work the Rivers!

Anonymous said...

yes, sunlight is open until april 11. two full weeks after p-horn, and their season passes are cheaper.

i too completely agree that folks would jump at the chance to work weekends. unemployment is high in the valley right now. it's not too late to reopen for this upcoming weekend. AND, powderhorn is slated to get more snow Tues and Wed.

COME ON!!! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

10 inches today and tonight!
5 inches tomorrow!

We could have 2 fresh feet of snow by the end of the week!

and you're closed? seriously.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the above except the Resort's reply. There was a blog post earlier in March stating that if we keep on coming, the area would consider staying open longer. Well I was at Powderhorn on closing Sunday, all three lots were full as well as the overflow. I say, that says it all. We did keep coming! Crying over spilled milk now, but don't let this happen in future years where the weather stays cold and snowy. PLEASE!

Stein Erickson said...

The attendance on closing weekend was great, however leading up to that weekend attendance was slowing considerably. Powderhorn even in the mddle of winter has fairly dismal attendance midweek. If Powderhorn had chosen to stay open another week or two it would have been a GHOST TOWN during the weekdays.

That being said though, being open a couple of extra WEEKENDS might be feasible.(like Aspen Mountain) I'm sure with a heads up to employees this might have been possible.

Lets face it Powderhorn is basically a blue collar ski resort with most of it's customers coming from Grand Junction. As soon as the weather starts to warm in March attendance starts to plummet with everyone thinking about gardening, golf, and biking.

If Powderhorn had more support from local spring skiers, and if Powderhorn itself would do a better job of self promotion during the entire season as well as springtime than we wouldn't be having this discussion as I'm sure Powderhorn would stay open later.

Bottom line Powderhorn needs to encourage and support the local(and not so local)skiers, and Grand Junction skiers need to support the ski area not only more in Springtime but the whole year.