Thursday, February 04, 2010

Maverick's Picks

Maverick has been doing his faithful duty and investigating the mountain regularly.

Run: Yoohoo is a fun run that's perfect for those just learning to ski trees. It's my recommendation for your first run on a powder day.

Food: I've been taking advantage of the meal deal at the Sunset Grille. Hamburger, fries and a soda for $7.25.

Gear: I got in a fight with a small tree branch ruining the lens on my goggles. But the Alpine Trader saved the day. My new Native goggles are polarized. I might even wear them fishing this summer.

Park Feature: I've been doing my last minute training for Vancouver on the 3 jump line on Maverick. The Olympic committee hasn't returned my phone calls...but I'm sure they're just really busy. Look for me riding with Shaun White!

Apres: On a sunny day I enjoy a frosty glass of Palisade Red Truck out on the deck. Working on my goggle tan.


hotel for sale said...

Overall I would recommend Powderhorn to any skier of any skill level. If you have only skied large resorts with high-speed lifts and espresso bars, you may not be happy here. But if you like small local places where the emphasis is on skiing, give it a go.

Anonymous said...

My husband likes to ski powder in the trees. He has an Epic Pass and may have used it once since Powderhorn opened this season.