Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maverick's Picks

Maverick just came around again, bragging of all he's been out doing. This guy has the easiest job ever.

Run: Watching all the bump competitions in the Olympics has inspired me. I've been out practicing on Hooker. If I can't get it together, I'll be taking that new Spring Bumps class next month.

Food: The meatball sub over at the Skier's Union Cafe is my fuel. The meatballs are the size of my hoof!

Gear: I rented some cross country equipment from the rental shop and checked out the West Bench trail on top. Found myself a great new grazing area for summer!

Apres: I just discovered the Bota Box wine at the Sunset Bar. This is premium California wine in a box! They're made of 100% recylced paper. And these things are huge. They're the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine. A glass helped nurse my jello legs after skiing laps on Hooker.

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