Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Word is Out

Ah it's good to be back at the mountain. Many of us have been in Denver the last week missing out on all this great snow. I've been told multiple times how good the snow was this weekend. Thanks for rubbing it in.

The word is definitely out all over the state that Powderhorn is the place to be. Tons of people in Denver would tell us how they've heard we have all the snow. Just a couple were slightly hostile telling us to quit hogging it all. Hey, we don't make the decisions on snow allocation!

The Daily Sentinel, Huffington Post, and Aspen Post have all reported on our great conditions. Many people are discovering Powderhorn for the first time! So you locals might have a few more Powderhorn first-timers asking you to show them around. You have our permission to be strategic...keep your stash for yourself.

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