Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Here!

It's finally here!
This gang of hardcore kids got here at 5:40am to catch the first chair privledges. I guarantee many of our employees weren't even awake yet.


Jonathan Harris said...

It was a great opening day guys. I can't believe how good the snow was for December. Thanks to all the people who work hard over the last few weeks to make it happen.

Oh and thanks SOOOO much to the lift attendants for starting to get 4 to a chair at the main lift. It wasn't perfect but mostly because all of us skiers need do our part to help with getting people up the mountain. All of you who ride 2 to a lift, those 2 people behind you don't have cooties! Remember, 4 to a lift!

Thanks for a great first day!

Powderhorn Resort said...

Thanks Jonathan! We're so glad you came up and enjoyed it. It was especially fun to see the stoke level of the guests so high. That's what its all about!

Anonymous said...

Could you more the webcam to the left about where it was last year so you can see the lift?

Hooblagans said...

haha thats my friend casey mo!!!!! haha i was like 5th chair :( but atleast i got to ski!!!!!!!!!11