Monday, December 07, 2009

Now It Gets Interesting

Old Man Winter is throwing our first winter test at us.

Can we handle it? OH YEAH!

This is when it gets real interesting for us at Powderhorn. We've done a great job preparing all departments for a possible early opening. So now, we just look out the window and watch it snow. Hoping for the best.

We have a meeting at 1pm tomorrow to discuss the possibility of opening on Thursday (one week early). It all depends on what this storm does today and tonight. There's a lot of wind, so it's not accumulating right now as much as we'd like. If Thursday is a no-go, we'll see what the storm does the rest of the week and begin talking about an early opening on Saturday.

I'll keep you posted!


Unknown said...

What a shot of the storm!! But lo, I'm down in NM with the plan to return NEXT week for the opening!

Looking at the size of the storm, I may even have trouble getting back through the San Juans.

Logan said...

looks good right now

Anonymous said...

Man, it's a Snow Day in Mesa County and we're still a few days from opening day. Bummer. Guess I'll spend some time today waxing the ole skis. Jack Frost, Mother Nature, Frosty - do your magic.