Saturday, December 26, 2009

Maverick's Picks

Maverick got a new board for Christmas and was spotted all over the mountain yesterday breaking it in. Here's his picks for the week:

Run: Powderkeg is soft right now and diving in and out of the trees on either side is always fun.

Food: the snow is so good I've been eating on the go for max ride time. Any of the sandwiches-to-go from the Trader Cafe or Sunset Grille are great. There are different sandwiches all named after different ski runs.

Gear: These last 2 days I've been loading up in the morning on hand warmers in the Alpine Trader. They're only $2 and make my day a million times better!

Feature: I got to test out the new step-over jump on Maverick! I figured since its on my signature run I should get first crack at the jump. Never mind the fur left behind in the landing. Next stop: Freeriders camp starting January 10.

Apres: tasting the local flavor with a Palisade Red Truck beer from the Sunset Bar.

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