Monday, July 16, 2007

What Did I Miss?

I came back from vacation and (ta da!) we have a disc golf course! It looks incredible. We've added some pictures to the slideshow below so check it out. Better yet, come up and check it out for yourself!

Our season pass postcards were printed while I was gone and you should be getting those in your mailbox end of next week. The pass sale starts August 1st!

We've also made the decision to run the lift 2 days for Color Weekend this year (instead of just Color Sunday). That is scheduled for Sept. 22-23.

And we have selected a winner in our sticker contest. Congratulations to Jeremy Cooper for this design. He has won 2 lift tickets for the 07-08 season.

1 comment:

82 said...

disc golf should be awesome, ive always wanted to play, and my trip out there in Oct will provide me with a great chance!

anyone know if it will be cold enough or if there will be enough snow to ski the weekend of october 13th?