Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Almost Time...

I'm blogging from a nice little corner in Trader's Coffee shop today as I wait for my vehicle to get out of the shop. I just overheard a couple talking about the ski season. How perfect as we are about to begin the season pass sale! Passes go on sale this Wednesday. Yep only 2 more days! We recommend buying your pass in August this year because that actually makes it even cheaper than last year!

Exception: If you are a Mesa State Student don't buy your pass yet. We'll be on campus at least twice offering you a special price of $250. Dates available as soon as we get word from MSC.

Order online at or by calling us at 970-268-5700.

If you're in the mood for coffee stop into Trader's and come chat with me. Since the problem with my car is in the 'computer' I have a feeling I could be here for awhile. In order to use their free wireless network I feel like I need to keep buying by about noon I will have ingested enough caffeine to power a locomotive and will need someone to talk to.

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