Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thinking Winter

It's only July but we are in full winter mode here getting ready for the season. People always ask me what we are doing up here all summer. Well we need the summer just to get ready again for the winter! Here is what's going on right now:

- Designing the look of the season pass, plus card, and lift tickets
- Hiring new sales and events staff
- Ordering new computers
- Lift maintenance (the chairs of the West End lift are currently all in a neat pile on the ground)
- Designing the 07-08 brochures
- Ordering winter apparel for the Alpine Trader
- Setting up radio and print advertising contracts & schedules for the whole season
- Learning how to implement new technology on our website (crossing our fingers for videos & podcasting this year!)
- Lots and lots of painting to phase out the blue around the daylodge
- Developing the schedule of local and out-of-state shows

I'm sure there's more going on, but just typing this list got me stressed out!

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