Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For Your Entertainment

Trailers for new ski & snowboard movies are coming out at a steady pace lately. To check out ski movies go to http://www.freeskier.com/freeskier/news.php?news_id=1115. They will be adding more throughout the summer. To watch snowboard trailers go to http://www.transworldsnowboarding.com/snow/

Here is the trailer for Color It Rad by FYC Pics. This film has Powderhorn footage (although I don't think any of the shots are in the trailer)

I wish I was there to see this!

For a sneak preview of 07-08 snowboards, goggles, and other gear...check out this link- http://www.transworldsnowboarding.com/snow/photos/slideshow/0,26821,1582468,00.html

For a sneak preview of a few 07-08 freestyle skis, check out this link- http://www.negativegravity.co.uk/2007/02/16/07-08-season-skis/

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