Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Bump in the Road

Due to a few glitches, we are moving the opening of our biking & hiking trails to next Friday, June 8. Our signage did not arrive in time and we would like to do a little more trail maintenance before opening to the public.

I went and road one of the loops today for the first time. If you just ride in and do one loop in takes about an hour. The ride down is a blast...the ride back out is a bear but we are exploring another route that would involve more switchbacks. Next week we will be building bridges for creek crossings, doing more brush cutting, posting signage and clearing out some rocks.

For the first few weeks that the trails are open we will be in "beta testing". At this time we welcome any comments and suggestions. Most of those working on the trails are not mtn. bikers and I am an intermediate rider at best so, we will be involving riders from local bike shops to test our trails and depend on you for suggestions. So give us some time and we'll work hard to develop some great trails here at Powderhorn!

p.s. There is a rumor going around that we are putting in lift served downhill trails. That is not the case this year so please help squash the rumor! Don't want anyone waiting by the lifts...they'd be waiting a long time.

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