Monday, March 26, 2007

Closing Day

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I have to inform you that today, March 26, will in fact be our last day for the season. Due to the warm temperatures our conditions just do not permit the mountain to remain open.

We'll begin construction of new mountain bike trails as soon as possible and be open for the summer along with the Inn at Wildewood, Wildewood Restaurant, and the Alpine Trader. Stay tuned to for details.

THANK YOU all so much for a great season. We hope you had a great time at Powderhorn and we look forward to doing it all again, bigger and even better, next season.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah for an awesome year!!

Unknown said...

Good season as ever, but the older we get the more we miss having a foot rest on the quad. Yes, it should be faster, but if money is the problem, then welding footrests on the existing lift is a reasonable compromise that will make the slower ride more restful for the next run! It is PAINFUL to dangle old feet over the edge, then also have to wait for multiple stops on the way up while someone is assisted getting on or off below/above. It's been over 20 years. Fix the darn thing.

Powderhorn Resort said...

Thank you! We really appreciate you guys. And your comments/suggestions!

Anonymous said...

I agree if you arent going to put a faster lift at least put a foot rest on the lifts.