Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bear Dens

There are several bear dens we know of located on the mountain. With the recent warm temperatures the bears have been waking up a few weeks early! They've been spotted walking around on the runs several times in the last week.

A lot of you like to snowshoe or skin up the mountain to ski/ride down in the post season. The DOW has asked us not to disclose the location of the dens. So just use some caution as we've seen cubs out lately. Please avoid the upper West End area right now as one family of bears are quite active over there at this time. In fact, this family of bears were spotted several times on closing day but unfortunately we don't have a good picture to show you.

The moose are quite active right now as well and have been spotted at Powderhorn. Lots of animals tend to stop by the base area in the spring and summer. We like to stay out of their way but snap a picture as well. When we do, I'll post them on here!

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