Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And Now What?

It's always a little weird after we close. The resort goes from busy with people everywhere to quiet and empty. It's also a little like back in the day when you had to say goodbye to friends at the end of the school year. There's a lot of "have a great summer" and "see you next year." It makes you feel like you should be signing yearbooks or something.

It's time for those of us that are year-round employees to switch gears and begin work for the next season. A lot of people ask me what it is we do during the summer. Well, for the next several weeks we'll be running reports and analyzing the entire season. We look at successes and failures and then start making our departmental plans for next season. We're also going to start construction of the mtn. biking trails as soon as possible and prepare to be open for the summer so come visit us!

I'll keep the blog going, although it probably won't be daily. We all switch to working Monday-Thursday so look for blog updates then. I'll be posting pictures of the progress of the new trails, pictures of the wildlife we see around the mtn, and updates on our plans for next season. You'll be the first to hear about the prices for next season and new season pass deals. Also look for 4-pack deals!

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