Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Unofficial Runs

Powderhorn has several runs on the mountain that are in-bounds but are not technically official runs. So you won't find them on our trail map. These runs have been named by the locals who ski here every year. You can find these little treasures all over the mountain. If you haven't skied them yet, get out there and start exploring or ask around. Here are just a few-

Pinball Alley- off of the Maverick catwalk
Sven's Bend- off of upper Maverick
Marshmellow Field- off of Thunder Mt. Glade & Mudslide

Let us know if you have a special trail can keep its location a secret though if you'd like.

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Anonymous said...

The Boulder field off of Lower equalizer on the east side that just opened last week. The name of this little slice of heaven should be officially called "The Garden". A lot of people have been calling it that for years. Had a friend from Wisconsin call last week to ask if "the Garden" was open yet