Friday, February 18, 2011

Building a Death Trap

Construction of the Dummy Jump has begun! The guys have just started pushing the snow to build up the jump. The track and of course, the carnage-catcher will be coming soon. Take a peek at it if you're skiing this weekend.

If you're building a dummy, here are some helpful tips:
  1. Give it some weight. Dummies need to be a little heavy to pick up the speed needed for a 20 foot jump and serious airtime.
  2. Make sure it slides straight. If using skis, measure them at tip, middle and tail to make sure they're perfectly parallel.
  3. Have fun with it! Get creative. Materials we've seen used in the past: bathtub, washing machine, wheelchair, keg, and a toilet. Just don't use hazardous materials or fireworks.
For a slideshow of Dummy Jump pics from last year, click here.

Dummy Jump & Snow Bar
Saturday, February 26th
5pm- Release the dummies!
$10 to enter a dummy
Please have your dummy to the mountain by 1pm. Check in at Guest Services. Our crew will help unload and transport the dummy to the snow. Dummies will be on display at the lift line.

Snow Bar presented by Odell Brewing Co. - immediately following the Dummy Jump
No cover
DJ, dancing, bonfire and drink specials


Stein Erickson said...

Great event but wat too late in the day. People are tired and have gone home leaving little more than the actual contestants to watch. The rest of us get a few photos or a short video. Other resorts hold these events mid-day so everyone can join in on the fun. Hold the event at 2pm so EVERYONE can watch and enjoy instead of leaving the mountain with hard feelings about missing it do to the late hour. It is not too late, I know everyone would be thrilled to be able watch this event when the sun is shining and they still have a little strength left in their legs to stand up. People have a long drive home and are tired they do not want to stay for an extra hour after closing and then stand out in the waning light and growing cold. Really, move this fun sooner in the day and make it a big "well attended" event

Anonymous said...

Will Wildwood stay open later for the Snowbar?
Last time, it was closed when the Snowbar ended ~ 8pm.

Powderhorn Resort said...

We're encouraging the owner of the Skiers Union to stay open past 8pm. We think it would be a great iddea too.