Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Maverick's Pics

Maverick shook the snow out of his antlers and stopped in with this week's picks:

Run: With 16" in the last 48 hours, everything is good. Powder pockets can still be found in the trees. Head for your personal stash!

Event: It's a competition weekend. This Saturday is both the CDA Ski Challenge and the 3 Jump Jackpot. Speed or air? Take your pick. Perhaps a little of both? Get those adrenaline juices flowing.

Gear: Hand warmers! They're a quick purchase and save your hooves. Buy these little packets of fire at the Alpine Trader or Guest Services.

Food: There are a variety of hot soups each day at the Sunset Grille. I've gone through 6 bowls already this week. I'm taking the self-proclaimed Tour de Soup.

Apres: Check out Carl's Special at the Sunset Bar: scotch and 7 for just $2!

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