Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maverick's Picks

I tracked Maverick down today on Bill's Run. It seems he's been playing so much lately he'd forgotten his duties. Hey, we don't let a moose on the slopes with a free pass for nothing. Here are Mav's favorite picks of the week:

Run: The snow has been so perfectly carvable lately, I've been laying in deep turns on Bill's Run.

Event: My buddies and I are getting ready for the Dummy Jump this Saturday. We have to start all over on our dummy though. We thought we could just use my cousin Earl...but then we read the rules.

Gear: The Alpine Trader is starting to have sales on several great brands. I went ahead and got myself a new scarf and some sunglasses. Gotta be ready for those spring days that are not too far away.Bold

Food: I can't get enough of the chicken parmesan sandwiches at the Skiers Union Cafe!

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