Monday, January 17, 2011

Safety Meeting!

Alright skiers and shredders what's just as awesome as skipping work/school for a Powderhorn pow' day? Why, doing it safely of course! This week (January 15-23) is the National Ski Association's Safety Awareness Week and we are honoring it by making an example out of our buddy, Maverick the Moose. Maverick managed to break all seven rules of NSAA's "Your Responsibility Code" and we caught it all on tape. Man! What should we do with this misbehaving Moose?? We're confident that he has learned his lesson... so make sure you KNOW THE CODE too!

Take what you've learned from Maverick and enter the kids poster contest! A brand new helmet is the prize up for grabs in the nation-wide contest. Entry forms are available at Guest Services.

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Anonymous said...

Could you provide a link to the Powderhorn GS race from Sunday as well. There were nearly 80 kids racing this weekend, as you probably noticed with the crowd. Here is the link on the Sentinel, if you have a subscription you might want to cut and paste for others.