Saturday, January 29, 2011

Park Update

Here's an update on our terrain parks, straight from The Pope...

As of today, January 26, 2011, we have three park areas open with a total of 20 features.

You may have noticed that we were able to build our first and second jump in Maverick park. We will be adding more features to Maverick, and all the parks as time and snow permits. We are really looking forward to the Three Jump Jackpot coming up in the beginning of February. The “Three Jump” is our premiere slopestyle park competition held in Maverick.

We have lots of other plans for the park system this year at Powderhorn. We hope that you, our guests, will continue to enjoy the features. We certainly enjoy building, and enjoy riding them ourselves.

Our focus for the next two weeks before the Three Jump Jackpot is to try and finish Maverick. We really need mother nature’s help on this one. We have pushed all the snow we have on Maverick to get our first two jumps…However we need a third…Otherwise it won’t quite be a “three jump” jackpot.

We are also planning on adding a wall ride and a quarter pipe somewhere in the upcoming weeks.

We are really excited about our new coats this year. Ride Snowboards really came through for us, and we are stoked. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to stop and talk with one of the park rangers. We are the guys in the peacock colored coats. We would love to chat it up with ya!!!

Until next time,
Have fun and be safe,

Joe Pope

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