Saturday, January 15, 2011

Open Rail Jam

The Open Rail Jam took place today in Rustlers Park. What a great turnout! The skies opened up more as the jam went on, pouring sunlight onto the course and making it feel like March. Perfect conditions.


12 & Under: Snowboard
1st Adan Ebel
2nd Magnum Mullen
3rd Henry Shrader

12 & Under: Ski
1st Luke Shrader

13-17: Snowboard
1st Jay Micheal Martz
2nd Mack Cunningham
3rs Lane Robertson

13-17: Ski
1st Nick Stubler
2nd Matt Prinster
3rd CJ Gonzalez

18 & Up: Snowboard
1st Adam Everts
2nd Tyler Shaffer
3rd Anthony Nall

18 & Up: Ski
1st Jeremy Cocouz
2nd Galen Phillips Boyle
3rd Dante Acker

Congrats everyone! Here are a couple pics from the event. A full album can be found on our Facebook page.

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