Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wild Card

The first of two rounds of tryouts were held Sunday for the New Year's Eve Rail Jam competition here at Powderhorn. Fourteen skiers and riders had about 15 minutes to show the judges what they've got. They had as many chances as they could to jib the log natural down-flat-down rail and metal down-flat rail. Though two contestants had to be eliminated, the element of camaraderie is key at our locals-oriented mountain. The 6 skiers who made the cut were: Jeremy Cocouz, Pat Flynn, Nick Stubler, C.J. Gonzales, Greg Houska, and Spencer Rugland. The snowboarders who will be competing on New Year's Eve are: Jesse Cocouz, Micah Hoogeven, Adam Edwards, Dillon Sullivan, Levi Garoutte, and Bryan Marz.

One more rider and one more skier will be chosen Thursday. The Wild Card round will take place at 1 pm at the Top Cut Terrain Park. There is no entry fee for qualifying rounds.

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