Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maverick's Picks

Maverick is back this year as our expert on all things Powderhorn. He's submitted his favorite things for this week:

Run: Powderkeg is skiing so well right now and should only get better with all the snow in the forecast!

Food: The Philly Cheesestake sandwich at the Skier's Union Cafe & Bar. You may want to plan ahead by wearing pants with elastic in the waist....just sayin'.

Gear: All winter hats at the Alpine Trader are 25% off right now. I even found one that fits around my antlers.

Apres: The Pint Club is back again at the Sunset Bar. I'm a card-carrying member again for the 2010-11 season! $8 to join, gets you the Powderhorn glass and $1 off domestic beers and wine.

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