Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Update

I just spoke with our mountain manager this morning for a status report. The news just keeps getting better and better!

It did not snow overnight but has started snowing early this morning. There are impressive snow totals being forecast for Powderhorn and the Grand Mesa today and tonight. Snow is expected for several days. The challenge: the low tonight could be as warm as 33 degrees which means we're flirting with rain. Right now the snow/rain line is literally just a couple hundred feet below the base. There is wind with all this snow which will actually be helpful to lower the temperature.

Our patrol director is out on the mountain now taking a look at conditions. They will determine what time today/tonight the grooming crew should come in and finish prepping the mountain. Temperature is very important here. And if it should be raining, forget it. Putting a cat on the mountain would do more damage than good.

But full lift operations and ski patrol crews are coming in tomorrow to set up the entire mountain- finish the lift ramps, put up the pop fence, set toboggans, etc. We're hoping for a powder day Tuesday opening!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a good shot of snow on the way in... not that local snowfall can be expected or predicted annually. Getting at least one or two runs open on time would seem to be a good goal for next season; how about investing in some more snowmaking/ equipment?