Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dummy Jump Helpful Info

Some key information and advice from our park manager who is the Powderhorn authority on dummy jumping...

1. When referring to one's dummy, it is politically correct to use the term "mannequin". Unless of course your mannequin is a dummy.

2. Whether you are building a dummy or mannequin, only the strong survive. That is, survive the in-run...

3. Some of the best snowboarding and skiing dummies are all for show. That is to say they really succeed in the Dummy Parade where folks can ooh and ahh over their good looks. While some mannequins argue that its what's inside that really counts. After all, they are going to be soaring unassisted down a narrow track and off an extreme jump.

5. Of course there are a few rules that all jumpers must abide by: lewd, crude and inappropriate behavior by a dummy will not be tolerated. When building your jumper remember to consider the environment. No dummies will be allowed to jump if they are containing contaminants or dangerous materials (no glass, paint cans, refrigerators, toxic chemicals, fuels etc.). You get the point, you're no dummy. Dummies will be inspected by a master of ceremonies at the parade. A hammer to the knee test will also be performed at this time, as only a really dummy could survive.

6. Some professional dummies and mannequins would argue that the best way to make a real IMPACT on the judges is to have a spectacular landing. Some mannequins carry red food coloring, carpenter's chalk, or cool aid. All of which are bio-degradable.

7. Even other dummies think it's all about what you do in the air that counts. Some mannequins have taken freestyle lessons and agree where they put their weight often determines in which direction they'll flip.

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