Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Random Post

It's time once again for that blog post where we throw a bunch of information at you that we think you might want to know. It's better than writing 6 posts in one day!

- Most importantly, we're looking at snowfall tonight all the way through to Saturday. Get ready for freshies!

- Actually this is more important: the Higher Love Fundraiser is this Saturday. We're donating $1 from every lift ticket sold to the Latimer House Counseling & Advocacy Center. Grand Junction Subaru is also throwing in $300. Help us support this important organization!

- The 3rd Annual Thunder Mtn. Freestyle Fest is Saturday. It's the biggest terrain park competition of the season. I'm picking up a new snowboard and skis today for the top skier and rider! They'll also get $100 cold hard cash. I'm also buying about 100 hot dogs to grill up in the park for competitors. Mmmmmm mystery meat.

- Last Saturday, Maverick the Moose raced Pinky the Pig from Rib City Grille in the CDA Ski Challenge. I never heard who won...but no doubt it was Maverick.

- And finally, we received a Flat Stanley from Mrs. Fay's 3rd grade class at Chipeta Elementary. Oh the things he will see! We'll send you guys some great pictures of Stanley at Powderhorn!

1 comment:

Anne said...

Random reply: As long as the mystery meat isn't mmmmmmmoose. Maverick might object. :-)