Saturday, January 10, 2009

What the Moose?

If you were up at the mountain today, you may have seen a snowboarder that stood out from the crowd. That was Maverick the Moose, our goofy mascot. He can get away with pretty much anything on account of he's bigger than the rest of us.

Maverick helped us out today as we shot a safety video in preparation for National Safety Week (begins next week). We discovered that he doesn't really understand the Skier's Responsibility he made a pretty good case study. We'll have the video done and posted on the website by end of next week.

We also got a few photos today of people snagging first tracks on Bear Claw. It was only 5 degrees out but this group hiked over to West End and got the first few chairs of the day.


Anonymous said...

I did see the moose. The kidies loved it.
Down to biznass. Why did the updates on the snow report stop?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I just had a few question/tips about the Terrain Park, even though it has nothing to do with the moose.
First off I was wondering if you guys still have that long regular box and if you don't, could you please get one.
Aslo, I was wondering if you could modify the C-Rail's jump. If you could extend it to the right a little I think more people, myself included, would hit it.
Lastly, I was wondering whether we could get a few more features up. Whether is is more rails or another jump.
I was thinking that you could mabey put a few hits up at the top of the main lift to the left on that run that drops onto Powderkeg from the cat-trail.
Thanks a lot you guys.
your loyal skier

Powderhorn Resort said...

Ok here's what I know regarding the park- we do still have the long box and it will be going in soon. In fact they are scheduled to change things up on Tuesday. As far as the jump goes, we need more snow to finish it off. The goal will be a bigger his & hers jump. We have a bonk feature and some other things that are on the list too. Another storm would be nice!

Updates on the snow report- we'll post updates on days that it's snowing steadily.

Anonymous said...

hey can you put in a step up set of jumps like small,bigger a little bigger and slightly smaller than the big jumb at mt dew park plzz i cant hit the big one yet and want to learn

aunt nonomus said...

let me get this straight, you won't tell us there's no snow if there's no snow

Powderhorn Resort said...

We always report when there's no snow, it's on the snow report everyday.