Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow is Back

Cold temperatures are back bringing light, fluffy snow back to Powderhorn. We've had 14" in the last few days. Currently it's snowing pretty hard and the flakes are that perfect fluffy/light consistency...I'm sure there's a better word for that.

As soon as patrol can get on top, they'll get me a new reading of the stake and I'll post an update.

UPDATE: We've picked up another inch since this morning. I'm very inarticulate today so I give up. Shoot dang it's goooood out there! Just got inside from a couple runs...here's the pics.

Found this tree with bear claw marks all over it. The story would be cooler had I found it on Bear Claw, but it was in Sven's Bend.

Also found an old avalanche pit that someone dug. Good time to remind you that avy danger is high right now!

Here's a line that's just begging to be skied! (in Yoohoo)

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Anne said...

Could the word be "powdery?" Not that I'm an expert on types of snow . . Also -- you might want to check out the first sentence you wrote. I think you meant "light" instead of "lift." I know . . . that's where you really wanted to be was on the lift, going up, up, up so you could swish and swoop your way down -- right? Or maybe all that white flaky stuff coming down lifted your spirits?