Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Know the Lingo 2

It's Tuesday, and Tuesdays are generally lame. It's not Monday but you're still nowhere near the weekend. So let's have a little fun with the post today. A couple years ago we had a post on goofy ski lingo. See that original list here.

Here's a few more:

Death Cookies- those bumpy spots leftover by a snowcat that can grab you and toss you to the ground before you know what's happening. One of our groomers refers to them as Cat Crap and he tries not to leave any behind.

Russian Missile- when a snowboard or ski gets loose and rockets down the hill.

Panty Tree- the poor pine or aspen tree that contains piles of mardi gras beads, bras and underwear. One of the most random ski resort traditions.

Chicken Chaser- fast and out of control turns in a wide, survival-mode stance.

Snow Snake- those invisible and fast little buggers that jump up and bite you causing a crash out of nowhere.

Snowflake- one who shirks their duties to go skiing or snowboarding.

Snirt- early season snow with dirt spots showing.

Double Eject- When both ski bindings release and you're looking like Superman.


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