Thursday, June 05, 2008

Snow in June

Mark it down in the books. It's snowing in June! Thankfully it's just on the top half of the mountain and it won't stick around past today. Check out the webcam . It's raining steadily and is making it difficult to work this morning. I'd rather have a blankey and a book today than a computer and phone.

Side note- The Wildewood Restaurant is now open for the summer! Hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 5-9pm and Sunday Brunch 10am-3pm. A few of us went over for appetizers last night and it was amazing! Try the chips and salsa. The chips are the real deal- fried tortillas mmmmm. We also tried the Profiteroles, which are a girl's best friend. Just about everything is homemade. Many of us plan to work our way down the menu this summer. Join us!

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