Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I always forget about the bugs in the summer. Most people...ok maybe most women...are afraid of at least one type of bug.

Now that it's pretty warm up here we have windows and doors open in our offices. This has already lead to several bugs and critters making their way into our personal spaces. A marmot decided to explore the maze of cables and computers in our IT manager's office. I think it could have easily built a den in the fort of old computer towers he has in there. We've also had some birds in the buildings.

These instances are usually cute and funny. The bugs however are not.

Yesterday I found something that looked like it was from a Sci-Fi movie crawling on my shoulder. Does worker's comp cover you if you are injured falling out of your chair because of a bug? Today there are lots of bees in my office. That's fine as long as I get some honey out of the deal. But if I end up puffing to marshmellow status that's where I draw the line. Again, worker's comp?

Thankfully the mosquitos are not out yet. So ditch the near 100 temps this weekend and come up here!


Anonymous said...

Screens on the windows and doors can work wonders! Has to be cheaper than a workmens comp claim that states "giant alien bug bites, and marmot misbehaving in my shorts" for why you ended up on the "Flight for Life" to the hospital.

Powderhorn Resort said...

All good points!

Anonymous said...

You can cover the earth with leather ... or you can wear shoes. (Persian proverb)