Monday, March 10, 2008

Only 21 Days Left

That's right, there's only 3 weeks left in the season. Hurry and get your turns in before it's all over! It looks like we have a chance at more snow Wednesday through Friday. Otherwise, wear your sunblock and drop that extra layer. It's either powder or bluebird days from here on out!

An event you'll want to be here for:
Closing Weekend Party- March 29-30
SlushSprocket Bike Race (everyone welcome, must wear helmet!)
Live Music
Drink specials & party on the deck
Throwback Day- wear your best Old School outfit for the last day of the season
Throwback Big Air in terrain park- only spread eagles and suitcase grabs allowed!

p.s. If you are going to call in sick to go ski....make sure you layer your sunblock every hour. It's pretty hard to get away with it when you have a goggle tan!


Anonymous said...

Gosh my how time fly's when so much snow has been flying. My lawn is already threatening to start growing. Oh well. Too bad we couldn't just throw a big blanket over the whole mountain and save the snow for next year. Seems a shame to let it go to waste. Anyway quick question about the cell phone service. My ATT Go-Phone(pay as you go) does not work at the mountain. Regular ATT customers have good coverage. They are supposed to be the same. Who would I contact at the company that put up the tower to find out why ATT Go-Phone service has not been programmed for. Thanks

Powderhorn Resort said...

Hi Stein. I'm working on tracking you down that contact at the tower company. In the meantime will you email us at so we have your email address to get you the info?