Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Runs

Grab a copy of the Daily Sentinel today. There's a great story in there about some of the big changes we're making for this summer including new events, another Color Sunday, competitions, wine dinners, the Trader Cafe, and yes...we're looking at cutting new runs!

We would like to cut 2 more runs on the west end of the mountain this summer. One of the new slopes would be a little short while the other would be a longer blue run. Now, there are a few things that we're watching that could keep these runs from getting finished. The main issue is runoff. If it gets warm extremely fast we could have landslide issues that take awhile to fix (depending on their size). That would consume time, manpower, and budget. So let's all pray that doesn't happen. Also, the ground could stay too wet for too long which would prevent us from getting our equipment on the mountain. We have a window of opportunity to work within per our arrangement with the Forest Service. If all the right conditions don't click into place, it would keep us from finishing the project.

We will of course keep you updated on this project here on the blog. I'll post pictures throughout the spring and summer of everything we do. If we get our new runs, I'd like to have some kind of contest to name start brainstorming!

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