Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sick of the Sun

About this time of year we really don't want the sunny skies as much as you would like in say....July. It's been sunny, warm, and dry all across the state for weeks on end now. Here at the mountain our forecast is calling for upper 40s to even 50 for the next several days. This really puts a damper on ski season stoke. For the record, we are still planning for an on-time opening of December 6th and we still plan to start snowmaking this week.

As you can imagine, we watch the weather pretty closely up here. We have several websites that we watch for current satellite images and other maps to see if we can expect anything in the next few days. It's an interesting science but it can also drive you crazy. It's all worth it though when you see the jet stream drop and a low pressure heading for western Colorado.

Here are some good sites if you want to be a fellow weather tracker.

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