Monday, November 19, 2007

Flight for Life Training

We prepare for the ski season in every way possible. Our ski patrollers are in training all day today covering various scenarios. Our friends at St. Mary's Hospital are important partners in the pre-season training. The St. Mary's Flight for Life just landed here at the mountain for their annual practice and training with our ski patrol. It's rare that the helicopter needs to visit the mountain, but we make sure we're prepared when they do. It takes about 11 minutes for the helicopter to get from St. Mary's to Powderhorn. When the helicopter arrives, our patrollers have the patient ready and load as soon as possible depending on the patient's condition. If it's extremely critical, the flight crew can touch down and our patrollers will have the patient on the way to the hospital in a matter of seconds.

Skiing & snowboarding are (in our opinions) the best of the outdoor sports but it can be dangerous too. It's good to know that if something should happen, you're in good hands!

They must have gotten a call because the crew just took off after only being here about 15 minutes. Always on call!

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